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13 September 2010 @ 10:56 pm
The War Correspondant, [PG] Dean, Sam, Bill Harvelle  
Title: The War Correspondant
Authored by: vanillafluffy
Pairing/spoilers: None, gen, AU
Rating/Work-safeness: PG
Approximate word count: 5500
Disclaimer: I own nothing. Prompt by harrigan for SPN_Summergen.
Betaed by: creamfudge, jdsgirlbev and pwcorgigirl.
Summary: In 1918, in an isolated French farmhouse, three American farmboys struggle to avoid detection by German patrols. Could be considered AU or a couple generations pre-series.

'I'm a medic. I'm qualified to evaluate and care for your wound. My bossy older brother is a motorcycle courier. If you need your oil changed, he's the guy to go to'