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Innocent Bystanders

There I was, minding my own business....

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The purpose of this community is to be a place for fan fiction from the point of view of the innocent bystander. This could be someone in the background of a scene, or who is tangental to the action. It might focus on how certain events affected them. For instance, one of the customers at the diner in "Pulp Fiction" might go home and say, "The craziest thing happened this afternoon--I went out for a cheeseburger, and a couple of punks robbed the place at gunpoint." It could look at one of the main characters from an unusual perspective: "Our cave used to be a nice, quiet place, but ever since that guy slid down here on a rope, a poor bat can hardly get any sleep during the day!"

I'm not limiting fandoms posted--books, movies, television, old, new, obscure--it's all good. I'm not restricting content, although I'll delete anything that doesn't have a disclaimer. A subject line is strongly encouraged. Please be coherent--spell-checking, proofreading and correct use of punctuation are not just for sissies, really, they're not.

No spamming, no flaming, no RPF.

Have fun--I'm looking forward to some interesting fiction!

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Summary (Please describe how the POV character relates to the fandom):