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11 November 2010 @ 09:35 pm
The Watcher--SPN fic  
Title: The Watcher
Author: borgmama1of5
Fandom: Supernatural
Gen, no pairings
Rated: G
Disclaimer: Not mine or I would have invited them in.
Wordcount: 655
Summary: Late night looking out the window...

(Originally posted as part of spnquotefic  #2 Live Journal entry)

1.13 Route 666
Sam: "Our big family rule number one, we do what we do, and we shut up about it."
The Watcher
It was none of her business.
That’s what Keisha was always telling her. That she was a nosy busybody.
But someone had to be the neighborhood watchdog.
If Mariella hadn’t needed to get up to pee, she would have ignored the unfamiliar growling motor. But it kept thrumming and so she went to the window instead of back to bed.
It was a big black mother of a car, shimmering in the streetlight. Maybe it was a Cadillac? She hadn’t seen anything like it for long time, everyone drove little tiny rustbuckets nowadays. This was a car like her Uncle William’d had. The one her daddy’d called a ‘pimpmobile’ and then Momma’d hushed him up. It had been a few more years till she understood what that meant.
When the engine shut off there was a hole in the night for a moment. Then the doors on both sides opened up at the same time and two enormous men got out. From the second floor window she could see the gleam of the gun as the driver flipped back the side of his dark jacket and tucked it into the back of his jeans. The passenger said something that caused the driver to shake his head.
Mariella inched the curtain in front of her face, not wanting to be seen if they looked up.
She should call 911. But her cell phone was in the bedroom, and she should see where these men were going to tell the police.
They were walking side-by-side now. The one who’d been the passenger was taller, and he brushed his shaggy hair from his face as he walked. The driver had a bit of a bow-legged walk.
Both of them walked like they owned the night. Dangerous men. Even Leon’s thugs would cross the street from them.
She didn’t expect them to go into the Stevens’ house. Where that family’d been murdered just last week. There’d been gangbanger shootings and knifings all summer in the area, and the couple in the next block where the husband had stabbed the wife (but she didn’t die.) But this murder’d been something else entirely. Family’d only moved in a month ago. Mom and three little kids, all tore up and gutted.
Mariella hadn’t slept well since then, even with the new locks on the doors. She hadn’t heard a thing that night and truth to tell, felt a little guilty. Had been asleep on her job as neighborhood watchdog. Wasn’t gonna make that mistake again.
She watched the tough guys saunter right through the crime scene tape and up to the door. They might’ve been arguing, they way the short one was waving his hands and the tall one was shaking his head. But then the tall one crouched down in front of the door, did something, and the door opened.
They went in.
Mariella figured it was time to call the cops. She chickened out and just gave the address across the street and said something was going on. Just in case. She didn’t want those scary guys figuring out who’d called.
Mariella brought her phone with her back to the window just in time to be startled by a loud boom and yellow flash from the Stevens’ front window, and then the two guys came tearing out the door like the devil himself was after them. The short one was holding his shoulder and she heard him yell, “You okay, Sammy?,” his partner said something back, and then the short one hollered “So you drive!”
The pulse of the black car’s engine and its tires squealing as it pulled away from the curb merged with the incoming police sirens. Mariella watched from her window as the police swarmed the building, watched other neighbors come out to see what was going on, watched the excitement dissipate until there was just one lone cop car left.
Then she went back to bed.

vanillafluffy: Metallicarvanillafluffy on November 12th, 2010 03:45 am (UTC)
I like the way we gradually get a sensse of what the neighborhood is like, and how protective Mariella is of it.

borgmama1of5borgmama1of5 on November 13th, 2010 05:41 am (UTC)
Thank you. I really had a picture of Mariella and her block in my mind :)